Gen3D for Cooling Channels

Design your cooling channels for moulds and heat exchangers within minutes

Add optimized channels for manufacturing


By adding internal cooling channels in moulds and heat exchangers you can greatly increase their performance. Until now this was a painful design process with many interactions and complex and lengthy software work. Finally there is a solution to add the internal structures with the push of a button. 


Import your CAD file to Gen3D, add your cooling channels and export them as STEP file. You can then merge them in your normal CAD program and run simulations or go directly to manufacturing. Additionally you can merge them in Gen3D and export them as watertight STL or STEP file.

Import your file

You can use the CAD program of you choice to model the part where you want to subtract the cooling channels from.

Add your cooling channels

Add and connect nodes with a few clicks and duplicate your created channels in order to optimize your part for performance.

Convert to teardrops

Convert your channels into teardrops for manufacturing without internal support structures. Adjust support angels and bridging distances.

Would you like to try the software? Download here