Gen3D for Flowpath editing

Add complex flowpaths within seconds

Rapid Generation of 3D Geometry


Adding flowpath and connecting parts in traditional CAD is a painful and time consuming process that can take hours or even days to finish. 

Gen3D cuts down the time to a few minutes and enables users to quickly design high quality manifolds, pipes, flowpath, cooling channels, tubes and other connected parts. The created models can be exported as STEP and STL file.


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Import your files

Import you part or assembly of connectors or other pieces into Gen3D or create them there.

Add your flowpath

Connect your models with flowpath and manipulate the size, form and positioning.

Add your teardrops

Add your teardrops for manufacturing without internal support structures with one klick.

Click-and-drag editing

Fast and easy positioning of the created flowpath.

Manipulate flowpath

Change the size, diameter and form of the flowpath.

Adapting geometry

Geometry automatically adapts to complex surfaces to increase packing efficiency and minimise manual labour.

Realtime visual feedback

Create and dynamically edit patterned objects to create multiple spline objects whilst receiving real-time feedback on your design.

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