Gen3D for Lattice Structures

Add complex lattice structures with a few licks and reduce weight and material cost

Intuitive creation of Lattice Structures


Lattice Structure not only save weight but also decrease material usage, cost and print time. With Gen3D Lattice Tool you can easily create complex structures and accelerate your AM adoption.


We are looking forward to your request and are ready to help you implementing lattice structures into your workflow. Exceed the performance of your competitors by cutting down development and production costs. 

One click lattice creation

Rapidly add lightweight lattice structures to your models and effortlessly fine-tune their properties.

Multiple coordinate systems

Choose between cartesian, cylindrical or spherical coordinate systems to ensure lattices fit seamlessly within your CAD models.

Structural modifiers

Tailor the properties of your lattice structures by grading the cell size and density across multiple axes.

Import your file

Import your file or your assembly with multiple body.

Add your lattice structure

Select the right type, size and density.

Export and manufacture

Mesh the lattice structure and export the part.

Would you like to try the software? Download here