Generative Design by CogniCAD

ParaMatters makes Generative Design easy, fast and irreplaceable

The most powerful Generative Design Software

Users can setup their optimization with a variety of loading conditions and choose their design goals and constraints. The optimized files are validated by the built-in proprietary Finite-Element Analysis. The optimized designs have a smooth surface so zero manual re-modeling or geometry reconstruction in needed. The high fidelity designs and unprecedented resolution lead to significant light-weighting and low volume structures.

Set up even the most complex load cases within minutes

Variety of loading conditions

Choose from forces and moment (via remote points), pressure, acceleration (g-forces), thermal loads and vibrations (frequencies)

Design goals and constraints

Available design goals and constraints are stress (accurate maximum stiffness control), stiffness (weighted compliance), deformation and vibration constraints.

Feature-size control

The feature-size control and manufacturability check lead to a robust design engine that delivers high performance parts.

Highest quality designs

High fidelity designs and unprecedented resolution of 10-60 million elements and higher are the reason for significant light-weighting and low volume structures.

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There is more to come

Multimaterial Generative Design and Meso Structures

Multimaterial Generative Design

CogniCAD will enable building parts with multimaterial structure in order to drive down cost and increase performance even further. Contact us for more information.

Meso Structures

One-of-a-kind offering for design of infill and fail-safe structures. ParaMatters is able to generate optimal porous structures in order to make parts more stable and increase the performance.