Reverse Engineering by ParaMatters

Finally a great solution to go from STL or PLY to STEP

Mesh healing and conversion back to CAD


A few minutes after importing your STL or PLY file CogniCAD supplies you with a high quality STEP file and a watertight STL. Not settings need to be changed or adjusted, the algorithm is doing all the work. 


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Reduce cost and time

Avoid spending time on reverse engineering parts when you have a STL file or 3D scanner at hand. Within minutes CogniCAD supplies you with the STEP file. 

Export as STL and STEP

All files can be exported as watertight STL or STEP files for easy processing of data.

Heal your STL files

You can also use this tool to heal your STL files for 3D printing. Close the mesh of your parts and print them!

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