Support Structures by CogniCAD

Fully automated 1-click design of support structures for SLA, DLP and SLM

Best in class support structures


ParaMatters offers best in class support structures for SLA, DLP and SLM. Control your process and optimize the setting for your technology and part. 


Users can change overhang angles to adapt for different printers and materials. With full control over the lattice size and beam width as well as the contact point thickness, total and penetration lengths the support structures can be adjusted to specific part geometries and requirements. The output is a watertight STL file ready for 3D printing.

Reduce cost and time

CogniCAD combines ease of use and high performance in order to generate the best possible supports for your models. 

Full customization

Additionally to the different profiles the user has access to all parameters to customize support for the most demanding parts. 

Slicer included

The created supports are AM ready and can be exported as STL. Additionally CogniCAD can slice files directly in the software. 

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