Thermal Design by CogniCAD

ParaMatters offers the first Generative Design for thermal loading conditions

Ideal for Heat Sinks and Heat Exchanger


The Heat Conduction Topology Optimization by CogniCAD allows designs of passive cooling devices and heat sinks. 


The boundary conditions is temperature applied on faces of non-design regions. Thermal loads are heat flux applied on faces and volumetric heat applied on volume bodies (mimicking conduction and convection). The design objective is to design for thermal compliance under volume fraction constraint. The output of the optimization is a watertight STL and ready for AM.

Reduce cost and time

Create models that simply cannot be designed by human. Accelerate in complexity and cut down design cycles.

Simple setup

Within minutes even the most complex loading conditions are set up.

Amazing models

CogniCAD crates the mathematically best solution for your problem. 

High complexity heat sink

In minutes the user can set up the load cases.

GE Bracket as heat sink

We are pushing the boundaries.

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