Centaur PP - Natural (1.75mm, 500 gram)

Centaur PP is a lightweight and high-performance Polypropylene (PP) filament.

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Centaur PP is a lightweight and high-performance Polypropylene (PP) filament, which is engineered to have outstanding mechanical properties and a superb interlayer adhesion. Centaur PP combines a unique set of material properties into a 3D printer filament, which makes Centaur PP an extremely diverse and multi-functional material suitable for numerous applications ranging from 3D printing dishwasher proof and microwave safe household articles to functional engineering objects with great endurance properties.

 Unique features:

  •   Food contact compliant

  • Dishwasher proof and microwave safe

  •  Lightweight

    • Material density of 0.9 g/cc

  • Watertight printing possible with only single wall prints

  • Great elastic properties

    • Can stretched up to >600% before breaking

    • Shore hardness of D50

  • Improved wear-, abrasion-, and fatigue resistance

  •  High chemical resistance

  • Excellent interlayer adhesion