Nexa3D xCure

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Post-curing maximizes material properties, improving parts’ strength and providing consistent mechanical performance part to part and build to build. xCure combines heat and dual wavelength light consistently to post-cure printed parts using a combination of material specific prescribed sequences in a controlled chamber. xCure accommodates parts as large as 16 litters in volume and is designed to process the entire print envelope of Nexa3D’s NXE 400 printer. The chamber can accommodate up to three build plates at once and allows parts to cure directly on the build plate or be placed in a basket and cured individually.

xCure is equipped with high power LEDs that operate at a dual wavelengths as well as in sequential UV and thermal curing modes. xCure comes pre-loaded with validated workflow curing recipes for all approved Nexa3D photoplastic materials and is easily upgradeable for additional materials. xCure is built to global industrial construction and saftey standards and operates in three curing modes: UV only, heat only and UV+heat. xCure delivers optimal and effective curing cycles that guaranty consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance.


Simple Operation

LCD screen interface with a rotary knob and push operation


365+405 nanometer wavelength LED’s deliver a broad spectrum of Nexa3D resin initiator coverage

Maximum Coverage

6 LED strips that provide 360° of coverage with reflective interior to optimize uniformity

Intuitive Workflow

Resin profile pre-settings for Nexa3D resins, as well as custom user input option


Updates can be done with a file, a computer and USB cable


Part loading flexibility: option to load loose parts on a shelf or parts printed on a build plate


Operation options: light only, heat only, or light and heat combination