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Additive Manufacturing Customer Journey

ProductionToGo's and PartsToGo’s combined mission is to expedite and safeguard the process of developing applications for additive manufacturing (AM). We provide tailored guidance to each client, empowering them to forge their unique path toward progress in this innovative domain.

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ProductionToGo is one of the largest certified 3D printing reseller of world-class industrial and desktop 3D printing solutions across Europe.

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PartsToGo is one of the largest 3D printing service bureaus in Europe, offering comprehensive 3D printing services to meet diverse production needs.

  • 1 1 - 2 Days
  • 2 30 - 90 Days
  • 3 7 - 14 Days
  • 4 30 - 60 Days
  • 5 30 - 180 Days

We ensure your success every step of the way by providing:

  • Service and Maintenance

    long-term service contracts for your machines with on-site support and preventive maintenance

  • Consumables

    continuous supply of our diverse market-leading materials for your projects

  • Backup Production

    in the event of equipment failure, material shortages, or any other unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt your production schedule

  • Add-on Production

    allows you to scale up your manufacturing capabilities effortlessly

  • Automation Solutions

    assists you to implement automated systems for tasks such as part handling, post-processing, and quality control

ProductionToGo is definitely the 3D printing expert I can rely on. Unbeatable service, great expertise and fast delivery times.
Customer MMDD MaxResolution GmbH
A trusted reseller who stands on his own two feet and makes a big difference to our business.
Manufacturer Nexa3D
Who would have thought that implementing a 3D printing solution into our manufacturing process could be so easy. Thanks to the ProductionToGo team!
Customer RGF Ring Grafischer Fachhändler GmbH
No sales bullshit, but real expert advice.
Customer Adsom GmbH
An overwhelming number of experts are in one place. Every day there is always something new to learn.
Management Team Tobias Röcker
A family-owned and operated company that is very knowledgeable about 3D printing applications.
Customer DOC Vertriebs GmbH

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