Lisa X

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The new Sinterit Lisa X is a fast compact desktop SLS printer with a large build envelope.

The 3D printer is equipped with an integrated nitrogen chamber. This means that plastic powders such as heavy-duty PA11 can also be processed.

Johann Pfeifer Account Manager

Whether prototype or series component, use the compact Sinterit LISA X 3D printing system in your company to additively manufacture your components.

The newly integrated galvo scanner of the Sinterit Lisa X increases the speed at which your models are printed.

Even with full build space, a print job is usually completed within a day.

To give you even more freedom to innovate, the system gives you access to a wide range of Sinterit materials.

Open printing parameters for research and development offer a wide range of possibilities.

Technical data:

Build volume: 130 x 180 x 330 mm

Maximum printing diagonal: 398 mm

Building speed: 10-14 mm/h

Laser type: IR 30 W


Larger build volume

The Sinterit Lisa X is the second largest compact SLS printer in Sinterit's portfolio and has a print bed of 130 x 180 x 330 mm.

Powerful and advanced heating system

The powerful heating system of the Sinterit Lisa X has 4 independently adjustable heating zones with a total of 16 heating elements.

Thus, even at temperatures up to 210 °C, homogeneous heat distribution in the installation space can be guaranteed.

Open printing system

For each individual Sinterit material, a pressure profile has been carefully developed to guarantee you the best possible component quality.

Nevertheless, Sinterit offers you the freedom to adapt these parameter sets individually for your application.

Industrial speed

Thanks to a printing speed of up to 14 mm per hour, even maximally utilized installation spaces can usually be converted within one day.

A wide range of materials

Nine different materials allow for a variety of different applications.

From highly flexible and elastic materials to heavy-duty polyamide-based technical materials, there is a wide range to meet your requirements.

All materials can be changed on the Sinterit Lisa X within a very short time.

Advanced communication

The device has an advanced interactive 9-inch LCD touchscreen, built-in camera and can of course be integrated into their network.


Parts for end users

Produce stable parts for the end user or investigate the portfolio of their products in terms of feasibility using additive manufacturing.

Industrial Products

Generate components that meet their stability or complexity requirements in countless applications.

Spare parts

Do away with unnecessarily expensive warehousing and produce the spare parts you need directly on-site.


Verify your design before going into production. Test form, fits, and function with an accurate model of your final product.

Data Sheet Sinterit Lisa X

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