Production System™ P-50

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The fastest way to mass-produce metal parts!

Developed by pioneers of binder jetting and single-pass inkjet technology, the Desktop Metal® Production System™ P-50 is currently the fastest additive manufacturing process for mass production.

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

The Desktop Metal® Production System™ P-50 operates bi-directionally using Desktop Metal®'s patented Single Pass Jetting™ technology and has a pressure rate of 12,000 cc/hr.

The inert build space environment allows the processing of both reactive and non-reactive metals that can be sourced cost-effectively from the local MIM powder market.

P-50 is the additive solution for volume production of Desktop Meta® reliable and process-safe it is the ultimate alternative for metal injection molding (MIM).

Layer heights of only 50 µm and a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi enable excellent surface quality of the components and detailed reproduction of fine structures.


Patented Single Pass Jetting™ technology

The system uses 8 piezoelectric printheads (16,384 nozzles) and a bi-directional binder jetting module that enables print speeds of up to 12,000 cc/h.

Constant Wave Spreading

Using unique "Constant Wave Spreading" technology, metal powder is sprayed over the entire printing process, so that a constant powder wave in front of the compaction roller ensures uniform density distribution in the powder bed. Due to the greater compression of the individual layers, better surface values and higher densities are achieved for the components.

Completely dense parts

Without solvent debinding, non-solid printed parts can be produced with densities of up to 99% or more. The system is suitable for the production of components for demanding casting/MIM applications, as comparable strengths are achieved.

Patented anti-ballistic technology

The patented anti-ballistics technology was developed to minimize disturbances in the powder bed. This significantly reduces variability in the 3D printing process and extends the life of the print beam. This ensures excellent part quality and reliable prints.

Inert build chamber provides reactive metal support and powder consistency

The Production System's tool-less binder jetting 3D printing process supports parts with loose powder and eliminates the need to weld to a build plate. This allows customers to effectively fill the build volume with densely nested parts for high throughput.

Optical bed inspection in real time

To enable the use of additive manufacturing in production environments, an integrated camera monitors the process by taking pictures from different angles. This allows printing errors to be detected at an early stage and nozzle performance to be checked.

Open material platform

To keep component manufacturing costs as low as possible, the P50- Production System™ features an open material platform. This allows the customer to use the same metal powders used in the MIM sector or to use customer-specific alloys.


1. Print

Bidirectional single-pass jetting combines all 5 individual steps of the entire printing process (powder application, spreading, compaction, ballistic suppression, and binder ejection ) and is performed over the complete build area for each pass.

2. Despowdering

When the print job is finished, the kit is removed and placed in the powder station. Here, the loose powder is removed and recovered via a built-in powder recycling system.

3. Sintering

The cleaned parts are baked together in an industrial furnace at approximately the melting temperature, where the binder is burned and the metal particles fuse together.

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Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit


Rapid prototyping

Shorten product development times, through rapid 3D printing of functional prototypes

Mass production

Increased flexibility, through tool-free production of small and large batches

Tools for manufacturing

Shorten lead times for end-use parts by simplifying manufacturing processes

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