Shop System™

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The world's first metal binder jetting system designed for volume production!

Compared to conventional production methods and laser-based additive manufacturing, the Shop System™ from Desktop Metal® is an end-to-end solution. It uses single-pass binder jetting 3D printing technology to produce high-resolution 3D printed parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

The Desktop Metal® Shop System™ is designed to easily increase your productivity. Increase your capacity without adding additional personnel. The system is designed for modern batch production and is easy to use. Print your parts, more cost-effectively and with better surface quality, compared to laser-based technologies.

With the turn-key solution from Desktop Metal®, consisting of printer and peripherals, you can get started immediately.

By means of different build space configurations (4L, 8L, 12L and 16L), you can optimally adapt the throughput of the printer to your needs.


High-resolution printhead

The Desktop Metal® Shop System™ features a single-pass printhead, with the highest resolution in the world. This sprays approximately 670 million drops/second, guaranteeing high-speed printing, with a droplet distribution of 1600x1600 dpi.

(33% more than the nearest competitor).

Unmatched productivity

The Desktop Metal® Shop System™ guarantees a 10-fold increase in printing speed compared to laser-based processes. At the same time, the system processes 700 ccm³/hour and guarantees an output of approx. 70 Kg/day.

Print your high-quality products with unsurpassed part quality, quickly and cost-effectively.

Adaptive print matching

Users no longer have to sacrifice high resolution or detail for speed. With the Desktop Metal® Shop System™, print detailed parts with exceptional surface quality at maximum speed.

The smallest droplet size used in the industry is sprayed on (1.2 pL) and automatically adjusted via the software up to 6 pL.

5x print redundancy

The Desktop Metal® Shop System™ has more than 70,000 nozzles distributed over five rows. Printing problems caused by nozzle failures are thus avoided. Compared to other 3D printing systems, the printhead has 25% more nozzle redundancy, improving print quality and reliability.

No tools required

The Desktop Metal® Shop System™ uses a tool-less manufacturing process.

Complex and diverse components can be manufactured at the touch of a button using the plug-and-play principle, without costly set-up times.

Simple post-processing

In the Desktop Metal® Shop System™, components are automatically manufactured with removable support structures.

These serve as sintered supports and, unlike laser-based processes, do not have to be removed mechanically.

A protective layer prevents the material bonding of the component with the so-called "raft" and thus enables simple, non-machined removal of the supports.

Easy sintering with Live Sinter™ software

The unique Live Sinter software, has solved the long-standing problem of shrinkage and warpage of parts. Using various algorithms, the program calculates and simulates the resulting stresses and warpage of the part during sintering and automatically generates the off-set model in advance.  

Complete solution

Desktop Meta® offers the ultimate "turn-key solution" for your production with the Shop System™. Configure the appropriate build volume (4L, 8L, 12L and 16L) of your components as needed to increase your efficiency many times over. Build volume configurations with expandable capacities that can be customized as needed.


1. Print

The printer first lays and homogenizes the fine metal powder before precisely spraying on the binder, thus firmly defining the part geometry. The printer reliably processes the stored data layer by layer until the predefined installation space is completely filled. 

2. Despowdering

When printing is finished, the kit is removed and placed in the powder station. Here, the loose powder is removed and recovered via a built-in powder recycling system.

3. Sintering

The "green compacts" are then positioned in the furnace tray and sintered at up to 1400°C according to predefined / stored temperature curves. The resulting microstructure resembles an investment casting with high mechanical properties.

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Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit


Mixed production

Manufacture different components at the same time, without any machine setup.

Small batches

Cost-effective solution for smaller batches with complex geometries.

Series production

Process-reliable series production with almost unlimited design freedom.

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