Rubber-like material with smallest details in highest quality

The INFINAM® TPA 4006 P combines outstanding appearance with exceptional properties.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

With INFINAM® TPA 4006 P, Evonik is launching the ideal solution for applications that require components with rubber-like properties. These rubber-like properties are complemented by fantastic impact strength and rebound properties to create an all-rounder for many applications.

In addition to its mechanical properties, INFINAM® TPA 4006 P also shines with its appearance. It enables excellent surface resolution, giving even the smallest details the highest quality.

INFINAM® TPA 4006 P can be used in a variety of ways. Whether for the production of a single prototype or an end-use component in series production, the INFINAM® TPA 4006 P will make your production more efficient.

Technical Information:

Color: White

Bulk density: 440 g/l

Particle size D(50): 70 µm

Melting temperature: 154 °C

Shore hardness: A91


High durability

INFINAM® TPA 4006 P has been trimmed by Evonik for exceptional durability. It has been extensively tested for its wear resistance in order to provide users with a high level of safety for their components.

Resistant to chemicals

The INFINAM® TPA 4006 P remains stable even in applications where a large number of chemicals are used. This opens up further fields of application and meets the safety requirements of users even better.

Tried and tested for all common technologies

Versatility is a top priority at Evonik, not only in terms of applications, but also in the usability of INFINAM® TPA 4006 P. The INFINAM® TPA 4006 P is compatible with all common powder-processing 3D printing technologies - from HSS to SLS.


Mufflers, handles, shoe soles, cell phone covers - the list of possible applications for INFINAM® TPA 4006 P could go on for quite a while. Basically: An application needs rubber-like properties? INFINAM® TPA 4006 P enables additive manufacturing!


Material Data Sheet INFINAM® TPA 4006 P

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Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

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