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Professional metal 3D printing has never been easier !

The Forge1 from Raise3D's MetalFuse series makes cost-effective metal 3D printing possible!

Marcel Smits Account Manager

The Forge1 uses FFF technology to produce high-density metal parts for direct use after debinding and sintering. The printer has an optimized material supply system, a build platform optimized for metal filament printing and hardened nozzles.

In addition, the Forge1 offers optimized internal print parameters, process control, toolpaths and print calibration specifically designed for metal filaments.

Technical specifications:

Single extruder build volume: 300 x 300 x 300 mm

Dual extruder build volume: 255 x 300 x 300 mm

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (standard); also available with 0.6 mm and 0.8 mm

Maximum nozzle temperature: 300 °C


New material feeding system

The new material feeding system of the Forge1 significantly reduces the resistance of the filament, which reduces the torque of the extruder head by up to 3 times. This provides an increase in success rate and repeatability, and also increases printhead life.

Optimized for metal 3D printing

The Forge1 features optimized internal print parameters and improved process control designed specifically for metal filaments. It also features an improved offset calibration process that runs with the metal special edition Boot Assistant, allowing for individual left and right nozzle calibration.

Lightweight cables

The Raise3D Forge1 replaces the classic drag chain with a light cable, which reduces the weight of the extruder and allows the center of gravity to be kept permanently in the middle during printing. This ensures more stable print quality.

Replaceable hot end and extruder cover

The hot-end of the Raise3D Forge 1 can be removed without tools, making maintenance or replacement easy. The front extruder cover can also be easily removed, which means that any problems (e.g. filament jam) can be pinpointed.

Optimized build platform

The Forge1 has a build platform with an improved construction to meet the demands of metal filament printing. Compared to the Pro3, which uses a coated metal sheet as the build platform, the Forge1 uses a high-precision glass plate made of calibrated glass, with amazing properties compared to normal glass.

HD camera

The built-in HD camera is directly connected to the RaiseCloud and ensures that the printing process in the Raise3D Forge 1 can be continuously monitored remotely.

The Forge1 also has a latest generation CMOS sensor, which ensures high image quality.

Air flow manager for improved heat dissipation

The Forge1's integrated air flow manager on the back improves both air circulation and heat dissipation. As a result, there is always a stable environment within the pressure chamber.

Filtering and cleaning of the air inside the pressure chamber is also possible thanks to the built-in HEPA air filter.

Resume printing in the event of a power failure

The power failure function of the Raise3D Forge 1 ensures that a printing process that was unexpectedly stopped (e.g. due to a power failure) can be continued from the point at which it was interrupted.

The extruders also have a filament run-out sensor that warns the user when the filament is almost empty.

Improved slicing software

The Forge1 is complemented by the ideaMaker metal edition. This software automatically generates and compensates for dimensional shrinkage during sintering. It can also predict the time of the debinding and sintering process, has layer isolation support, a metal 3D printing specialized function for planning support column break points, and the printing profiles specialized for BASF metal filaments.

7 inch touch screen

Thanks to the 7-inch touch screen, including on-screen help and visual model options, it is easier for the user to operate and manage the printer and the entire printing process.

EVE Smart Assistant

The Forge1 has an integrated EVE assistance system that contains a list of common printing problems and how to fix them.

To ensure that maintenance work on the printer is carried out in good time, the EVE assistant offers the function of regularly reminding the user of necessary maintenance. It also helps reduce maintenance time and associated costs for more effective maintenance.

Full process - coming soon

With the MetalFuse system, which will be available later this year, it will be possible to do the entire printing and post-processing process using only Raise3D equipment.

The D200-E Sintering Furnace and the S200-C Debinding Furnace in combination with the ideaMaker Metal Edition allows the user to slice, print, debind and sinter the print jobs to go from the digital model to the full metal part.



The Forge1 was not only optimized for the production of complex geometries, but also for reducing the weight of components. This allows the automotive industry to produce lighter components for more efficient fuel use.

Consumer Goods

From proof-of-concept prototypes to high-value consumer goods, the Forge1 gives you the edge in the competitive consumer goods marketplace.

Mechanical Engineering

The Forge1 enables strong and lightweight components that can withstand millions of work cycles.

Communications / Electronics

Rapid prototyping for testing at low cost and short wait times make the Forge1 an excellent choice to achieve production volumes of all sizes of custom parts.


The complete control over geometry, material and specific designs based on patient-related data, which the Forge1 offers, enables more individualized treatments, simplifies biomechanical reconstructions and ensures faster implementation of innovative therapy methods.

Jigs and Fixtures

With the Forge1, complex components can be produced without additional molds, tools, etc.

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