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Print in half the time and save manufacturing costs.

To reduce labor costs and increase economics, the F3300™ incorporates cutting-edge FDM® technology. The F3300™ reduces costs by offering a number of additional features over older printers, such as higher part yield and faster print speeds.

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

The F3300™ is designed for manufacturing with a lower cost per part model and brings a high-level product value. Boost your productivity with the four loaded extruder, fastest printing, quick changeover and high yield F3300™ FDM® 3D printer. 

With an onboard material dryer, advanced extruders and better oven control produce stronger parts. With large spools being used in the F3300™, lower your material cost per cubic centimetre and open more applications. Increase uptime, reliability and part yield with its advanced process control. 

Technical Specifications:

Build Volume: 600 x 600 x 800 mm

Layer Resolution: 0.188mm / 0.250mm / 0.375mm / 0.500mm

Volume per hour (max): 270 cc/hr (16 ci/hr)

Acceleration: 1.2 G

Material Delivery Options: 4100 cc spools


Advanced Heated Chamber

The 600 x 600 x 800m large format FDM 3D printer comes with a fully heated chamber with variable speed fans and advanced variable speed airflow. The oven design includes patented modular thermal control for creating repeatable and consistent part quality at a wide range of temperatures up to 200 degrees celsius.

New Smart Extruders

The four multizone and low mass extruders on the F3300™ are smart in the way that load cells monitor pressure, there is dual TC control for advanced melt flow of filament, it has quad drive control and has 2x faster extrusion. The new extruder design is hardened for composites and is designed for the hottest thermoplastics and flows at rates of up to 50% faster than any previous Stratasys® extruder. Mix and match extruders for optimal build parts.

New Extruder Drives and Build Sheets

The Stratasys® F3300™ comes with new Extruder drives with new Hot Ends for varying slice heights and uses new F3300™ build sheets.

Standard Hot Ends: N350 (0.188 mm), N500 (0.25 mm), N750 (0.375 mm and 0.5 mm), N410 (for support material)

Hardened Hot Ends: N350H, N500H, N750H

Build Sheets: Standard, Nylon and High-Performance options

Tool Changer

The Stratasys F3300™ comes with 4 loaded extruders to reduce swap time that are auto calibrated that serves as redundant tools for reliability.

Onboard Material Dryers

For improved process control and better part quality, four large 4100cc (250ci) spools can be dried at the same time to temperatures of up to 120 degrees celsius.

Intelligent Monitoring and Data Collection

With a number of sensors, LEDs on extruders, two internal cameras (front - extruder view and back - full chamber view), a large user-friendly 15.6” (39.6 cm) UI with color coded indicator screens able to track all motors and processes and with it being MTConnect ready (having 429 data steams), monitoring and data collection has never been easier.

New Improved Spool Design

The overall design comes with a chip mounted in the handle and is tethered to spool with a mass of < 9 kg for a loaded spool that varies by material, comes at 4100 cubic cm per spool and is 406mm OD x 127 mm wide.

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Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit


Tooling / Jigs and Fixtures

Use the F3300™ to transform the way fixtures and jigs are made. Make specialised, lightweight tools that enhance ergonomics and expedite assembly.

Obsolete Part Replacement and Spare Parts

With the F3300™ you can guarantee your customers have access to replacement parts and cut down on lead times and expenses related to holding huge, out-of-date inventory.

Functional Prototyping and Manufacturing

Use the F3300™ to create parts for testing and validation, small batch prints, mass production, thermoforming, metal forming, etc. using multi-material or multi-resolution fixtures.

Data Sheet Stratasys® F3300™

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