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The Stratasys UV800 with Hotbox is the complete solution for your post-curing process

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

The Stratasys UV800 is designed to allow parts produced on the Neo SLA printers to go through the final post-cure process. During post-cure, the final strength and performance of each part is optimized and improved.


Advanced technology

With its turntable and high-intensity UV lamps, the Stratasys UV800 is designed for post-curing printed products.

Intelligent control

A dedicated PLC with an HMI screen is used to manage exposure times and has pre-programmed post-cure cycles for easy operation.

Heated resin storage

The lower half of the UV800 unit acts as a heated storage tank to keep the resin at operating temperature. This avoids significant temperature fluctuations when refilling the tank.

Data sheet Stratasys UV800

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