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01 Automation System

What is Automation in 3D Printing?

In the context of 3D printing manufacturing, automation means the use of equipment to automate 3D systems or processes. The systems include various technologies and can be easily distinguished by material groups (metal, resin, polymer powder and filament). The processes, in turn, are differentiated according to a number of stages, but mainly include 3 main stages. The pre-printing stage (e.g. loading the material, cleaning, preparing, etc.), the printing stage (e.g. uploading files, connecting to the USB port, setting parameters, starting the print, etc.) and the post-printing stage (e.g. surface treatment, washing, curing, depowdering, blasting), all of which vary according to machine type and technology.

The goal of 3D printing automation for manufacturing is to increase production capacity while reducing costs. Electromechanical systems can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, and automation is especially helpful for repetitive tasks or tasks that require extreme precision.

Automation Technology

With Kassow Robots we offer a wide range of industrial collaborative robots for industrial applications and human collaboration. All Kassow robots have 7 axes, resulting in greater maneuverability and less space requirements.

Even for complex specialized tasks, there are hardly any limits. For example, in adhesive applications, the robot follows an exact path and maintains the specified speed, regardless of the type of movement. As a result, the robot completes the task smoothly and repeatably.

Additive Automation

Produktionszelle V1

Additive Automation automates the entire manufacturing process. Using the latest robotics and automation technology, we produce 3D printed parts without human interaction and at low cost.

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Together we automate your production, reduce costs and increase your production output. Ideal for applications with short cycle times like CNC machines and 3D printer farms.

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