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Print Stronger. Print Stiffer. Print Accurately.

The F370®CR is a composite printer that provides high-strength carbon fiber materials in a dependable, user-friendly industrial printer platform. It is part of the F123CR (Composite Ready) Series and has a slightly bigger build size compared to the F190™CR with 4 material bays with auto changeover capabilities.

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

High-strength 3D printed composite parts can be used by industrial producers in place of metal components thanks to the F370®CR printer, which complements conventional fabrication processes. The ABS-CF10 and FDM® Nylon-CF10 composite materials used in the F370®CR are both 10% weight-based and reinforced with chopped carbon fiber for strength and stiffness. Complex designs that cannot be produced with traditional machining or other 3D printers without this capability can now be generated thanks to F123CR soluble support material. You may choose your print speed and part quality with four layer resolutions. You can create fully dense, solid parts with variable part density, or you can change the infill to reduce weight and material consumption.

With the F370®CR, you may expand your use cases by printing on a wider range of engineering thermoplastics. With this multi-material capacity, printing various jobs on various materials is made convenient. Printers specifically designed for printing composite and non-composite materials are not required. Don't close off any choices. Purchase a single printer and benefit from a variety of materials.

Technical Specifications:

Build Size: 355 x 254 x 355 mm

Build Volume: 32,119 cc (1,960 ci)

Slice Heights: .330 mm, 0.254 mm, 0.178 mm, 0.127 mm


Meant for producing strong, functional parts

With a hardened system that is composite ready, the F370®CR can print strong composite and abrasive materials. It has the ability to produce dense parts in a fully heated build chamber for higher accuracy and strength in Z. Replace traditionally machined metal components with high-strength 3D printed composite parts. Avoid costs of using limited production resources or the lead time of outsourcing. With composite 3D printing, you can create fixtures, soft jaws, component parts, and more in a fraction of the time and money compared to metal machining.

Proven and Tested

The F370®CR composite printer has a certified 99% uptime and a 99% dimensional repeatability performance, and is constructed on the same platform as the well-established F123 Series. Successful print outcomes and consistent material performance across all resolutions are guaranteed by material tuning, which is the optimization of print parameters using more than 220 measures. Print heads and hardened components are the first steps in ensuring built-in durability through the use of abrasive composite materials.

Broad range of extrusion heads to match materials

There are 6 different types of extrusion heads for the F370®CR. A standard extrusion head that can also be used as dedicated “support”, a PLA extrusion head, an elastomer extrusion head, an ABS CF10 extrusion head, a CR extrusion T20 hardened head for Nylon-CF10 and future materials and a CR Extrusion T14 hardened head for ABS-CF10.

More capable than the F190™CR

The F370®CR has a 36% larger build volume than the F190™CR and is more capable when it comes to functional prototyping. It can print additional materials like PC-ABS, Diran 410MF07 and ABS-ESD7, has an auto material change-over system and has higher software capabilities that can run the Insight™ software together with standard GrabCAD Print™ software.

4 Advanced Material Bays

The F370®CR has four sealed and desiccated material bays with auto change-over for long unattended run times. The bays ensure reliable material properties for a wide range of materials.

Innovative Build Plate

The F370®CR comes with a reusable flexible build tray that requires no special build plate preparation such as build plate cleaning before builds, special application of chemicals like glue sticks, etc. and comes factory levelled.

Simple Setup and Unattended Operation

Setting up print jobs is easy with GrabCAD Print™ software; simply import the CAD file for the part, and the program creates toolpaths and supports. The same print head will print at many resolutions, saving manufacturing changes. Click "Print" and turn to leave. No supervision is required until the print job is finished. Because of the F370®CR's auto-changeover capability, you won't need to stop a build to replenish resources.


Get advanced results with minimal training. The F370®CR comes with an intuitive 7” (18cm) full colour touchscreen interface, built in camera for remote monitoring with full system monitoring panels for reporting time to print, time remaining, layer currently printing, filament remaining, job queue monitoring and ability to modify queue at machine or remotely. It supports 11+ languages on the user panel and also has automatic tip offset calibration adjustment.

Easy to operate

The F370®CR has successful insertion confirmation for build trays. Its keyed inserts are intuitively designed to assure spool is seated and ready for filament loading. It comes with a solid free standing frame and design for stability, smooth gliding drawers for filament bays, safety switches and locks to prevent injury, easy to roll on casters and it can plug into a regular wall outlet.

Manufacturing floor ready

With the power of MTConnect it is easy to integrate the printers into a connected factory floor. This industry standard communication API lets you collect, analyse and display machine data in a useful way.

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Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit


Functional Prototyping

Use quick, iterative functional prototyping to use the high strength capabilities of composite 3D printing to speed up manufacturing.

Robust Workholding Fixtures

Carbon fiber materials enable the use of 3D printed soft jaws, fixtures, and production aids in place of robust and stiff machined metal.

Sturdy and Robust Composite Components

The mechanical characteristics needed for production parts and low-volume, industrial-grade components are provided by composite 3D printing materials.

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