INFINAM® PEEK 9359 F (Industrial Grade Filament)

INFINAM® PEEK filaments are of industrial grade quality for infinite high-temperature applications in FFF/FDM 3D printing.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

Evonik's PEEK filament is specially designed for use with extrusion-based 3D printing technologies such as FFF or FDM. The filament is carefully manufactured to ensure consistent diameter and excellent print quality, enabling precise and reliable print results.

One of the unique advantages of PEEK filament is its high temperature resistance, making it suitable for printing parts that must withstand extreme heat. With a glass transition temperature of 152 °C, PEEK can withstand long-term temperatures of up to 250 °C or short-term temperatures of up to 300 °C, enabling the production of parts that can be used in harsh environments.

In addition to its high temperature resistance, PEEK filament is also highly resistant to most organic and inorganic chemicals, dissolving only in concentrated sulfuric and nitric acids. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where it comes into contact with corrosive substances. Its excellent wear resistance also makes it ideal for use in heavy-duty applications.


Evonik's PEEK filament offers unique crystallization that enables significantly improved adhesion between layers in the vertical direction. Compared to 3D-printed stainless steel parts, PEEK-based 3D-printed objects are 80% lighter and 30% tougher, with excellent fatigue resistance, making them suitable as a replacement for 3D-printed metal. Due to PEEK's superior wear resistance and low sliding friction, lightweight structural parts can be easily manufactured.

Technical Information: (Compared with Stainless Steel)

Compared to stainless steel, 3D-printed parts made of INFINAM® PEEK 9359 F are 80% lighter and 30% tougher, with excellent fatigue resistance. This combination of properties makes Evonik's new filament the high-performance material of choice for replacing metal in demanding lightweight applications. INFINAM® PEEK 9359 F also offers excellent wear resistance and low frictional resistance, making it ideal for manufacturing lightweight structural parts. Components printed with INFINAM® PEEK 9359 F can withstand long-term temperature exposure of 250 °C or short-term temperature exposure of over 300 °C.


Material Data Sheet INFINAM® PEEK 9359 F

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Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

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