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The most versatile prototyping solution available

Using FDM® technology, the Stratasys® F370 allows you to print everything from sturdy assembly to quick, inexpensive idea models. Make intricate components and assemblies without sacrificing precision, attention to detail, or reproducibility. You can rely on and expect Stratasys® quality even for your initial design iterations.

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

Invest in your entire office with a more competent, cost-effective professional rapid prototyping solution from the industry leader in 3D printing. Part of Stratasys®' Design Series, the F370 has the largest build tray and material capacity of the F123 Series, measuring 355.6 x 254 x 355.6 mm. It also comes with more than five material possibilities and a soluble support material that is simple to remove. It employs filament feedstock and fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology to create thermoplastic components.

Professional 3D printing is easily accessible for the entire office with little setup—just plug and play. With auto-calibration, you can spend more time experimenting and less time troubleshooting. Quick and simple material swaps increase the output of your design team.

Technical Specifications:

Build Volume: 355.6 x 254 x 355.6 mm

Material Bays: 4 in total (2 model / 2 support)

Accuracy: +/- 0.2 mm or +/- 0.002mm/mm, whichever is greater



The F370 comes with an automatic calibration system that removes human error in printing. It has better tray insertion, engagement and levelling. It has automatic Z calibration with every job. It has less tip interference with the build sheet and it comes with precise motion components that produce longer-lasting, more accurate constructions.

Rugged Assembly

The F370 is built with high performance durable components. It has a high strength steel frame, ⅛” aluminium exterior with slot and tab construction, tempered glass and is insulated for noise and heat resistance.

Advanced motors and motion controls

The F370 comes with advanced servo motors that have better control and movement precision. It has faster filament status, alert and response and has fewer pauses and failed builds because of a cross wound spool. It has linear profiled rails and ball bearings that are smoother and quieter with precision timing belts and precision Z stage ball screws.

Wider Range of Material Options

The F370 can print both standard and engineering grade materials such as PLA which is the most economical, ASA which has good UV stability, ABS which has balanced properties, PC-ABS which is both tough and resistant, Diran 410MF07, FDM® TPU 92A and QSR support material which is soluble.

Auto changeover with 4 material bays

Of the four bays on the F370, two are meant for model bays and the other two are meant for support bays for a wide range of printable materials in one go.

More capable than the F170

The F370 has a bigger build volume on the X and Z axis of about 102 mm making it produce parts that are 96% bigger than the F170. It can print more materials than the F170 such as PC-ABS and instead of having only 2 material bays it comes with 4 material bays that have auto material change-overs. To add, it has higher software capabilities that can run the Insight™ software together with standard GrabCAD Print™ software.

Print based on your requirements

The F370 has two build speeds which are Regular Build Mode and Draft Mode which uses ⅔ less material than regular build mode and prints at double the speed. It offers two spool sizes with many colour choices. It has 4 slice heights (5, 7, 10 and 13 slices). It has 4 fill styles and 5 support styles.

Advanced safety

The F370 comes with redundant sensors for door locks and switches. It also has a number of heat and motion disablers, voltage monitoring and continuous monitoring and notifications via user interface.

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Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit


Production Parts

The F123 Series printers make it feasible to produce small-batch production runs and custom items that would otherwise be too expensive to produce using conventional machining or molding techniques. Limitless design freedom is possible with soluble support and robust materials.

Jigs & Fixtures

Materials designed especially for 3D printed fixtures, jigs, and manufacturing tools can improve the ergonomics and worker-friendliness of your tooling and factory floor.


Compared to conventional prototyping techniques, you may iterate your designs considerably more quickly with the user-friendly F123 Series printers. The printer is appropriate for both the office and the manufacturing floor due to its small size and silent operation.


Schools can use the F123 Series systems as the ideal 3D printers. They are an excellent tool for teaching students highly sought-after skills required in manufacturing, design, and engineering vocations because of their simple use and integrated safety measures.

Data Sheet Stratasys® F370

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