Heat and chemical-resistant polyamide 613 for applications under the most difficult conditions

In the toughest conditions, such as high temperatures, INFINAM® PA 6005 P from Evonik shows its best side.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

Made from polyamide 613, INFINAM® PA 6005 P was developed by the German company Evonik and specially designed to enable its components to withstand temperatures of up to 215 °C and a wide range of chemicals.

The mechanical capabilities of INFINAM® PA 6005 P, in particular its high stiffness and impact strength, have been extensively tested by Evonik to ensure their durability even under difficult conditions such as high temperatures or chemical exposure.

INFINAM® PA 6005 P can be effectively integrated into all stages of the product development cycle. Whether prototype, demonstration model or end-use part - with INFINAM® PA 6005 P you are assured of quality.

Technical Information:

Color: White

Bulk density: 450 g/l

Particle size D(50): 60 µm

Melting temperature: 215 °C


Fantastic dimensional stability

In addition to its outstanding mechanical properties, Evonik INFINAM® PA 6005 P also boasts very high dimensional stability. INFINAM® PA 6005 P thus further secures its properties under various conditions and enables the printing of large-format components in a single print job.

Low water absorption

To speed up the printing process, simplify processability and further increase dimensional stability, INFINAM® PA 6005 P from Evonik has a water absorption of less than 3 %.

Cross-technology usability

To give users maximum choice, the INFINAM® PA 6005 P has been designed to ensure maximum quality with all common powder-based technologies - from high-speed sintering (HSS) to powder bed fusion (PBF) and selective laser sintering (SLS).


With its increased heat and chemical resistance, INFINAM® PA 6005 P is suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in the automotive, aviation and oil industries.


Material Data Sheet INFINAM® PA 6005 P

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Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

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