Glass bead-filled polyamide 12 for applications with high stiffness requirements

INFINAM® PA 6006 P makes the production of technical applications that require high rigidity simpler than ever.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

INFINAM® PA 6006 P is a polyamide 12 filled with glass beads from the German industrial giant Evonik. It has above-average rigidity and excellent detail fineness.

The combination of polyamide 12 and glass beads not only maximizes rigidity but also surface resolution and virtually eliminates component shrinkage.

INFINAM® PA 6006 P can be used for a wide range of applications. INFINAM® PA 6006 P is also versatile in terms of production types - everything is possible, from one-offs to series production.

Technical Information:

Color: Black

Bulk density: 480 g/l

Particle size D(50): 55 µm

Melting temperature: 188 °C


Circular economy of excellence

Evonik's INFINAM® PA 6006 P perfects the concept of the circular economy in additive manufacturing. With a recycling rate of 100 % for powder used as support and a refresh rate of 70/30 (used/new), it outperforms its competitors and ensures more environmentally friendly production while achieving a rapid ROI.

Easy printing

INFINAM® PA 6006 P simplifies the printing process and increases process stability. The material achieves this through increased flowability, which also increases the printing speed.

Wide availability

Evonik has taken special care to ensure that INFINAM® PA 6006 P is available for a wide range of printing technologies. This means that INFINAM® PA 6006 P can be processed with all common powder-based printing technologies, e.g. high-speed sintering (HSS), powder bed fusion (PBF), selective laser sintering (SLS) and many others.


Thanks to its extraordinary stiffness, INFINAM® PA 6006 P is suitable for a wide range of applications - including in the automotive and oil industries.


Material Data Sheet INFINAM® PA 6006 P

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Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

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