One central workstation for post-processing, powder management and recovery.

The Multi-PHS is a multi-function powder handling station that is able to process multiple materials in one workstation and can process powders from a broad range of manufacturers for use on all types of powder 3D printers.

Johann Pfeifer Account Manager

A comprehensive powder handling station called the Sinterit Multi-PHS was created to simplify the post-processing of SLS 3D printed items. All the equipment required to optimize powder reclamation and reduce dust dispersion during the crucial post-printing phase is housed in this small workshop. The Multi-PHS is a crucial part of the SLS printing workflow since it is an all-in-one tool that facilitates effective cleaning, post-processing, and powder recovery.

Sandblaster SLS and ATEX Vacuum Cleaner from the company are compatible with the device, enabling a smooth integration with the entire SLS printing process. The workspace offers a dedicated and well-organized place for these crucial post-processing operations, and it is made to fit all Sinterit printer models as well as printers from other manufacturers. 

The station has an integrated mixing function with an external sifting option, as well as a built-in sieving module and powder separator for effective powder recovery and reuse. With the help of these capabilities, users may optimize the quantity of wasted powder that can be recovered, reducing expenses and material waste while maintaining a clean and controlled work environment.

Technical Specifications:

Workspace Dimensions: 1100 x 600 mm

Powder Capacity: 20 liters

Storage Space: 70 liters


Antidust Cover

A plexiglass cover on the Sinterit Multi-PHS reduces the amount of dust that disperses while handling powder. By shielding the user from powder particles in the air, this cover makes sure that even the strictest safety regulations are met in the workplace. Without sacrificing safety, the plexiglass cover increases comfort and efficiency at work by keeping the powder contained within the workplace. This design feature represents a significant advancement over earlier powder handling stations and demonstrates Sinterit's dedication to developing a complete solution that puts user comfort and efficiency first in the SLS 3D printing workflow.

Adjustable Workspace for all SLS 3D Printers

The flexible workspace of the Sinterit Multi-PHS allows it to handle big print cakes from a range of SLS 3D printers, including the company's own NILS model and other industrial-grade machines. Regardless of the printer being used, efficient post-processing is made possible by the depowdering chamber's adjustable grid, which can be lowered to accommodate these higher print volumes. It just takes a few minutes to switch the Multi-PHS between various printer configurations; the process is simple and rapid. A selection of appropriate accessories and a tool holder that is magnetically linked and easily movable are included with the workstation. Because of its adaptability, users can easily include the Multi-PHS into their current SLS printing processes, regardless of whether they are using small-scale or large-scale systems.


The Sinterit Multi-PHS demonstrates its multi-material capabilities by being able to handle a variety of SLS printing materials. The Multi-PHS features six pre-programmed settings to handle the most popular SLS powder types, including materials from third parties in addition to Sinterit's own material palette. Because of its adaptability, customers can work with a wide variety of powders, increasing the potential applications for their SLS 3D printing projects. Its efficient handling of various materials allows customers to fully benefit from the customization and functionality advantages provided by multi-material SLS printing.

Fast and Easy Material Change

For SLS 3D printing, the Sinterit Multi-PHS is made to facilitate quick and simple material changes. With the help of the powder wiper attachments and an elastic vacuum hose, users of the station can depowder the printer in as little as ten minutes. Users can be prepared for the next material in as little as thirty minutes thanks to this quick depowdering procedure, which helps the printer be ready for the next print job.

Efficient Powder Recovery

During the post-processing phase, the Sinterit Multi-PHS may recover up to 95% of the unsintered powder, demonstrating its excellent efficiency in powder recovery. The powder gathered in the 20-liter Multi-PHS container may then be simply repurposed in more print processes, allowing for an economical and environmentally friendly method of material management. To add, the integrated capabilities for sifting and mixing powder significantly simplifies the process of preparing reclaimed powder for reuse.

Post-processing Ecosystem

The company's other SLS printing technologies are fully integrated with the Sinterit Multi-PHS, an innovative powder management system. The Multi-PHS gives users complete control over their printing materials by coordinating with Sinterit's printers, ATEX vacuum cleaner, and sandblaster. A crucial component of the Multi-PHS is its integrated approach to powder handling, which enables an extensive and effective material management workflow. The Multi-PHS exhibits Sinterit's dedication to creating a comprehensive and optimized powder handling system for professional additive manufacturing settings by integrating with the other elements of the SLS solution with ease.

Intelligent Control Panel

An easy-to-use control panel on the Sinterit Multi-PHS improves user experience and expedites the processing of powder. Five distinct sifting programs, each tailored to handle materials with varied morphologies, are available for customers to select from on the redesigned workstation panel. Because of its adaptability, the Multi-PHS can process a variety of SLS printing powders, including those made by third parties as well as Sinterit, with efficiency. Moreover, the Multi-PHS has powder sensors that automatically minimize cleaning times and maximize efficiency when they sense an overflow or complete depowdering. In addition, the user-friendly panel gives users command over linked accessories like the ATEX vacuum cleaner and sandblaster, allowing for thorough management of the whole post-processing workflow from a single interface.

ATEX Certified

Because of its ATEX certification, the Sinterit Multi-PHS satisfies the exacting safety standards needed for usage in explosive environments. The Multi-PHS has undergone extensive testing and assessment to demonstrate its safety for use in hazardous situations where explosive gases, vapors, mists, or flammable dusts may be present. The European Union has legislated this certification in order to safeguard workers' safety in potentially explosive environments, like factories, mines, oil and gas installations, and other industrial settings.

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