J3 DentaJet™

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Create more dental models in a single print

For small to medium-sized labs, the J3 DentaJet™ is an entry-level PolyJet printer. It can create mixed trays of three materials with unparalleled accuracy, including a sizable number of implant models, surgical guides, and gingiva masks on the same tray.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

PolyJet technology invented by Stratasys® used in the J3 DentaJet™ works well for complete colour realism and great precision while creating dental multi-material mixed trays with up to 3 different materials simultaneously. Similar to inkjet printers, PolyJet printers employ a similar procedure to construct models, but instead of jetting ink, they jet layers of curable liquid photopolymer, or resin, onto a build tray and each layer of curable liquid photopolymer is hardened with UV light before the next layer is laid.

With the advanced materials printable on the J3 DentaJet™ that has superior digital dentistry and orthodontics create a range of precise models for implants, orthodontics, removable devices, and associated applications such as models (C&B, implant, orthodontic, removable, maxillofacial), surgical guides, gingiva masks, indirect bonding (IDB) trays, RPD frameworks, custom impression trays and try-ins with consistency and exactness. The Stratasys® J3 DentaJet™, lets you deliver on a variety of scenarios quickly and effectively. Fill a tray with a variety of prints, then walk away.

Technical Specifications:

Max Part Size: 140 x 200 x 190 mm

Tray Size and Area: Round print tray with up to 1,174 cm2

Layer Thickness: Horizontal build layers down to 18 μm

Build Accuracy: 18.75 μm - 20.625 μm


Maximize Productivity

The 360-degree print tray's huge capacity enables the manufacturing of more parts in greater quantities. Small- to medium-sized dental labs benefit from the compact footprint, which increases productivity.

Mixed Trays

In a single mixed-tray print, produce more dental parts using mixed materials. The J3 DentaJet™ can print up to three multiple materials simultaneously. Minimise the amount of printers or processes required to finish a task.

Precision Accuracy with In-machine Curing

With the J3 DentaJet™, you can print with high resolution droplets and complete curing during printing, which removes distortions from post-processing and gives your components unparalleled accuracy.

True Aesthetics Made Possible

Make use of colour printing's potential. Make incredibly lifelike mouth replicas for patients, or print monolithic, polychromatic temporary or dentures in a range of hues.

Reduce workload with the Closed Cartridge System

You can load a tray and leave the J3 DentaJet™ to work on its own. It needs less post-processing, fewer changeovers, and less touch time to load. The closed cartridge system eliminates uncured resin handling.

3 Build modes

The J3 DentaJet™ comes with three build modes depending on your time-constraints and the acceptable quality you need. High Quality Speed (HQS) Build Mode enables 18.75 μm accuracy with the best detail printable. High Quality High Speed (HQHS) Build Mode enables 20.625 μm accuracy with minimal degradation to print quality. Lastly, Long Print Mode (LPM) Build Mode has the same printable detail as HQS but allows for cartridge Hot Swap for selected materials.

User-friendly Intelligent Software

Operating GrabCAD Print™ requires very little training. Automatic print arrangement can boost output while cutting down on print time. Prior to printing, determine how much time and material will be required for production. Print jobs can be scheduled and tracked remotely. Without requiring the use of external software, automatically correct files and send alerts when the work is printing and finished.

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Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager



Using a smooth digital workflow, you can go from intraoral scanning to in-house manufacturing, printing full-colour study models, clear aligners or indirect bonding trays in three dimensions (3D).


Reduce the complexity of implantology while increasing output. Print biocompatible transparent surgical guides, soft gingiva masks, and rigid, opaque implant models all on the same tray in a single, unattended print session.


Automate the cast chrome partial process instead of using traditional hand wax-ups, which will save a lot of manual labour. Combine RPD frameworks and print models onto one mixed tray. It is also possible to produce dentures and partial try-ins using smooth, biocompatible materials.

Crowns and bridges

Enable dentists to seat crowns and bridges in a matter of minutes. Eliminate delays and inaccuracies of manual labour, enabling faster production and higher quality models with fewer remakes.

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