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Complement Nexa3D® high build volume 3D printers, end-to-end!

Build volumes and process requirements for the Nexa3D® NXE 400Pro, NXE 200Pro and NXD 200Pro are met by xWash post-processing technology. This provides manufacturers with a strong, reliable and durable post-processing option.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

xWash from Nexa3D® matches the build volume and process requirements of the ultra-fast Nexa3D® NXE/NXD 3D printer and is designed for resin 3D printers. Bidirectional agitation of the fluid at variable speeds ensures efficient cleaning regardless of part geometry. In addition, the process time can be adjusted using an adjustable cleaning timer. Dedicated drain and fill ports facilitate maintenance, and a pot life timer alerts when the cleaner has reached saturation. The Tritan plastic container provides clear process visibility and cleaner level indication, offering maximum durability for production environments. The ability to automatically raise and lower the Z-axis with a second lid/cover provides additional protection from chemicals and reduces solvent evaporation.


Intelligent design

The Nexa3D® xWash features a touchscreen user interface with an adjustable cleaning cycle timer, fill and drain port, 40-liter Tritan tank, automatic Z-stage agitation, and a bi-directional variable speed agitator.

XL build volume and small parts

For greater production flexibility, xWash accepts components attached to the NXE and NXD build platforms or a loose parts basket. Up to 2x NXE/NXD build platforms and/or a loose parts basket.

Triple saturation with xCLEAN

For Nexa3D® xCLEAN, improved chemical and flash point safety properties, triple saturation limits compared to isopropanol, and environmentally safe recycling alternatives have been validated and further developed.

Also suitable for third-party manufacturers

xWash from Nexa3D® can also be used for other SLA and DLP 3D printers. Wash times can be individually adjusted to the needs of the processed material.

Data Sheet Nexa3D® xWASH

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