White, fine polyamide 12 powder for additive manufacturing processes

PTG PA12w combines fantastic toughness with softness and can be processed with all common powder 3D printing technologies.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

PTG PA12w is a fine spherical powder that has been specially developed for additive manufacturing and is compatible with a wide range of printing technologies, from HSS to SLS.

PTG PA12w is a high performance polymer that offers excellent detail fineness and surface resolution. It also offers fantastic mechanical properties and resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

PTG PA12w is versatile and offers ideal properties for functional prototypes, individual components and series production.

Technical information:

Color: White

Dry density: 1020 kg/m3

Particle size, D(50): 58 µm

Melting temperature: 187 °C


Simple processing

PTG PA12w is an easy-to-process polyamide that contributes to fast and reliable production thanks to its increased flowability and impressive process stability.

Versatile usability

PTG PA12w was developed for all common powder processing 3D printing technologies and achieves top performance in all of them. Whether high-speed sintering (HSS), multi-jet fusion (MJF), powder bed fusion (PBF) or selective laser sintering (SLS) - with the PTG PA12w you obtain high-quality components


The PTG PA12w has raised the bar for reusability rates within additive manufacturing to new heights. With a recycling rate of 100 percent of unused powder after a print job and a refresh rate of 70/30 (used/new), the PTG PA12w outperforms its competitors, most of which only achieve a reusability rate of up to 95 percent and a refresh rate of 50/50 (used/new).


The PTG PA12w can be used for a wide range of demanding applications, including lightweight components for the automotive industry, medical devices with temporary physical contact and metal-free solutions for the oil and gas industry.


Material Data Sheet PTG PA12w

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Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

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