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Complement Nexa3D® high build volume 3D printers, end-to-end!

Build volume and process requirements for the Nexa3D® NXE 400Pro, NXE 200Pro, and NXD 200Pro are met by xCure post-processing technology. This provides manufacturers with a strong, reliable, and durable post-processing option.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

All SLA and DLP parts must be post-cured after the printing process. Post-curing resin parts maximizes material properties, improves part strength, and enables consistent and repeatable mechanical performance.

Nexa3D® xCure combines heat and UV to cure 3D printed parts. xCure has a 16-liter capacity and is designed to process the entire build space of the Nexa3D® NXE/NXD printer. The chamber can hold up to three build plates at a time and allows parts to cure directly on the build plate.


Optimal throughput

The chamber is designed to process the full print range of Nexa3D®'s NXE and NXD printers and can handle parts up to 16 liters in volume. The chamber can accommodate up to three build plates at a time and allows parts to be cured either directly on the build plate or independently on clear shelves.

Combined heat and dual-wavelength light

High-power dual-wavelength LEDs and sequential UV and thermal curing modes are also available. The unit operates in three curing modes - UV only, heat only, and UV+heat - and is built to international industrial design and safety standards.

Maximum coverage

LEDs with a wavelength of 365+405 nanometers provide a broad spectrum for the deepest possible cure. Six LED strips with reflective inner surfaces and 360-degree coverage provide maximum consistency.

You can rely on material-specific sequences

In a controlled chamber, you choose from a list of pre-set sequences that are material specific. It can be easily upgraded for additional materials and is preloaded with validated cure sequences for all approved Nexa3D® photopolymer materials.

Also suitable for third-party manufacturers

xCure from Nexa3D® can also be used for other SLA and DLP 3D printers. All exposure times and temperature values can be individually adjusted on the UV chamber.

Data Sheet Nexa3D® xCure

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