Shop System™ Forust Edition

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A more climate-friendly future thanks to 3D printed wood!

The Shop System™ Forest Edition is the first commercially available 3D printing system to utilize rapid binder jetting technology to process recycled sawdust into useful end-use wood parts.

Ahmet Destan Head of the Metal Business Unit

Sawdust, a by-products of the wood industry, is used in the Forust process to produce isotropic, high-strength and sustainable wood components.

Forust creates 3D printed, digitally reclaimed wood with a grain that runs the full volume of the part and, unlike particleboard or laminate, can be sanded and finished.

From ash to zebrano, from ebony to mahogany - practically any wood grain can be simulated with the Forust process!


Streamlined production of complex wood designs

The Forust gives designers the ability to optimize components and print intricate features that would be challenging, if not impossible, with traditional woodworking. The Forrust achieves this by manufacturing the components layer by layer without the need for support structures.

Cost-effective reduction of the carbon footprint

Forust processes and materials have been developed to enable manufacturers to easily and cost-effectively produce sustainable wooden components. The Forust process offers manufacturers a fully sustainable manufacturing method that is price competitive with traditional wood processing.

Batch production capability

The Shop System Forust Edition features a compact and fast single-pass printing system, making it ideal for batch production of small and medium-sized wooden components.

It has a build volume of 350 x 220 x 200 mm and a print speed of 1,600 cm3/h, which corresponds to approximately 21 mm per hour in Z-height.

Powerful software

LiveBuild MFG, before also known as Fabricate MFG, print preparation software allows users to create no-grain or four-grain parts that can emulate ash, mahogany and more.

Conventional processing

After infiltration, Forust components can be sanded, stained, polished, stained, coated and finished like conventionally manufactured wooden components. Infiltrated Forust components are similar in strength to regular wood and can be screwed or nailed.

Complete solution

The Shop System Forust Edition includes the Desktop Metal Shop System Forust Edition, the Desktop Metal Forust Powder Station, which allows users to easily remove excess sawdust for direct reuse, and the Desktop Metal Forust Binder, which binds wood powder particles and of course -looking wood grains that extend across the entire part.

Open material platform in the future

At the moment, the Shop System Forust edition only uses Desktop Metal wood powder, with verified and consistent sources of supply.

However, guidelines are currently in the works to allow users to use their own recycled sawdust powder.



From luxury cars to high-end homes, Forust manufactures sustainable reclaimed wood components in a wide range of finishes and materials, including rare and exotic grain patterns.

Consumer Goods

Forust extends the term wood processing to consumer goods. It allows designers unprecedented freedom for new geometries and applications of an ancient material.


From classic to contemporary, the Forust enables designers and architects to create unique decorative panels and other architectural accents using advanced CAD tools and generative designs.


Forust makes it easier than ever for designers to test complex geometries for a wide range of furniture. Cost-effective and tool-less production enables manufacturers to manage digital inventories and fulfill orders on demand.

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