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The Raise3D E2 is a professional desktop 3D printer.

The Raise3D E2 is a desktop 3D printer with independent dual extruders (also known as IDEX), which can perform functions such as mirror and duplicate mode.

Marcel Smits Account Manager

The Raise3D E2 one of the best 3D printers in 2021 and is considered the benchmark and standard for industrial 3D printing applications with 24/7 reliability.

The Raise3D E2 is a desktop 3D printer with independent dual extruders (also known as IDEX). IDEX gives the E2 the ability to run more advanced features such as mirror and duplicate modes, making this printer ideal for professional 3D printing. The E2 3D printer features Easy Swap print heads for added convenience when performing maintenance or standard printing tasks. The Raise3D E2's automatic bed leveling and flexible print plate help ensure high quality 3D printed parts. This desktop 3D printer can print with a variety of different filaments, and its unique extruder gear design allows it to print flexible 3D printing materials like TPU more reliably and with higher quality results. Like all Raise3D 3D printers, the E2 can be paired with ideaMaker, a 3D slicer software, ideaMaker Library, a platform for sharing 3D printer files with members of the Raise3D community, and RaiseCloud, a cloud-based 3D print management platform.



The E2 is an IDEX 3D printer. IDEX stands for Independent Dual Extruders, which means that the extruders can operate independently along the same axis during printing to perform advanced functions.

Mirror mode prints a model and an inverse of the same model at the same time. This saves the creation of a second design file for the inverse model and time when printing separately.

Duplicate mode is a synchronized print where both extruders print the same model at the same time.

Automatic leveling of the print bed

The E2 has an automatic leveling function. Automatic print bed leveling keeps the distance between the print nozzles and the print bed constant to create a uniform print surface. This improves the adhesion of the print bed and allows the extruder to adapt to even the smallest changes in surface contour for better print quality.

Construction volume

The E2 has the same build volume as the E2CF:

Single Extruder Print: 330 × 240 × 240 mm (13 × 9.4 × 9.4 in.)

Dual Extruder Print: 295 × 240 × 240 mm (11.6 × 9.4 × 9.4 in.)

Flexible build plate

The E2 features the BuildTak FlexPlate, a flexible build plate. The BuildTak FlexPlate flexes to allow easy removal of 3D printed parts, minimizing potential damage to the finished print when removing the print from the plate. The flexible build plate quickly resumes its original shape, allowing printing to continue.

A wide variety of filaments printable

The E2 is capable of printing a wide variety of filaments, up to 300℃- PLA, ABS, HIPS, PC, TPU, TPE, PETG, ASA, PP, PVA, Nylon, fiberglass infusions, carbon fiber infusions, metal fills and wood fills.

Precise positioning

The E2 desktop 3D printer features a special drive system that enables smooth gliding during printing. To ensure the highest level of accuracy for 3D printing processes, this motion system works with extremely precise positioning.

HEPA air filter

The E2 desktop 3D printer has a HEPA air filter that cleans the air of all particles (including nanoparticles) released during the 3D printing process. The HEPA air filter works effectively in classrooms, offices, and large and small workshops.

7-inch touchscreen

The 7-inch touchscreen allows users to interact directly with the printer. It provides visual support and model selection to simplify control and monitoring of the printing process.

Resume printing in the event of a power failure

The Raise3D E2 has a filament run-out sensor that warns when the filament is almost empty and saves the print. It also has a second-generation power failure feature that allows printing to resume from where it was previously saved in the event of a power failure.

Integrated camera

The complete 3D printing process of each print job is monitored by the E2 with a camera. By connecting to RaiseCloud, the user is able to monitor each print process remotely and on the go.

Raise3D Ecosystem

Couple ideaMaker, RaiseCloud and use the ideaMaker library with the E2 to create a Raise3D ecosystem for maximum 3D printing efficiency.

ideaMaker - a free 3D slicing program from Raise3D.

RaiseCloud - a cloud-based 3D printing management software that can organize print jobs for better 3D printing efficiency and monitor the printing process remotely.

ideaMaker Library- simplifies the setting of printing parameters for different filaments by providing the user with slicing profiles for different filaments.


Replacement of metal parts

Sometimes parts with sufficient strength can be manufactured to replace equivalent parts made of metal.

Functional parts

Fiber-reinforced 3D printing materials enable the production of functional, dynamic parts that can withstand the demands of continuous use.

Tools for manufacturing

Raise3D enables users to quickly produce specific, customized solutions for their manufacturing. It eliminates the need for molds, castings, or subcontractors and provides benefits that would be impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.

Parts and tools for the end user

Parts for immediate use can be produced quickly and meet very specific requirements for all conceivable applications.

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