Production System™ P-1

3D printer

Desktop Metal P-1 3D Printer

The P-1 is designed to bridge the gap between lab bench development and mass production. It offers the same superior part quality as the P-50 with enhanced process flexibility. Equipped with a state-of-the-art print bar with native 1200 dpi, an inert processing environment, and Desktop Metal's patent-pending single-pass jetting technology, the P-1 supports non-reactive and reactive materials at speeds more than 10 times faster than laser powder bed fusion technologies and is capable of printing multiple builds per layer and transferring processes directly to the P-50.

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Desktop Metal Software


Desktop Metal® Fabricate MFG

Fabricate MFG handles the entire process and provides the user with an intuitive workflow, automating metal 3D printing.

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Desktop Metal® Live Sinter

The Live Sinter software harnesses nature and offers state-of-the-art simulation functions to predict and compensate for errors in the sintering of 3D-printed parts. Internal stresses, shrinkage, friction, and gravity are simulated/calculated via algorithmic functions and the offset model is created according to the values.

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