QLS 230

3D printer

Nexa3D QLS 230

The Nexa3D QLS 230 uses selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. Various plastic materials can be processed by users to produce intricate shapes and working prototypes. With the Nexa3D QLS 230, you can produce functional prototypes and small series from high-quality plastics without support materials in a very short time.

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Powder Handling Station

Sinterit Powder Handling Station

Sinterit's Powder Handling Station is an optimized workbench specifically designed for the post-processing of 3D-printed SLS parts. The station can be used to de-powder the printed parts and recycle the powder. The entire SLS printing process is thus completed in the Powder Handling Station.

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N2 Generator

N2 Generator Nitropur 800 P

The nitrogen generators of Air Separator Technology GmbH are based on a pressure swing gas separation process, which makes it possible to generate nitrogen directly on-site. The compact nitrogen generators of the Nitropur series have been specially developed for small nitrogen consumptions where no separate compressed air supply is necessary.

Data sheet Air Separator Technology GmbH Nitropur 800P


Sandblaster SLS

Sinterit Sandblaster SLS

The SLS sandblaster from Sinterit is operated with a foot pedal and uses glass beads as the abrasive material. The unit was specially developed for the manual de-powdering of SLS-printed parts.

Data sheet Sinterit Sandblaster SLS


Automated finishing station

AM Efficiency CCP-2

The most effective method for post-processing and depowering of parts produced with additive manufacturing technologies such as SLS, MJF, SAF, or HSS. AM Efficiency CCP-2 enables the efficient production of high-quality finished parts with excellent repeatability by automating the part-finishing process.

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Nexa3D Buildware

Nexa3D Buildware allows users to control the sintering process.

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Nexa3D Nexa3Dprint AM SLS

Nexa3Dprint (XYZprint) AMSLS is an industrial software designed specifically for SLS 3D printers.

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