QLS 820

3D printer

Nexa3D QLS 820

The Nexa3D QLS 820 Sintered 3D Printer is a quad laser system that offers unmatched production capabilities and the highest part throughput in its class. It was designed with automation and scalability in mind. With up to four times the throughput of traditional laser sintering 3D printers and other polymer powder bed technologies, the Nexa3D QLS 820 sets new standards for 3D printing.

Modular Material Processing Station (MMPS)

The Nexa3D MMPS is a scalable solution that ensures safe, hygienic and effective material handling in all material activities. From powder hopper and mixing to crushing, powder recovery and sifting.


The process stability and print consistency of NexaX software makes it easy to scale from prototyping to volume production.

Reduce the risk of errors throughout the 3D printing cycle, from design to production. NexaX 3D printing software provides a total solution for print preparation and printer management.

An intelligent total solution of hardware, software, and chemistry can achieve unprecedented process stability, resulting in consistent product quality.

Nexa3D's automated 3D printing decision support portal "Ximplify" assists customers in design discovery and application. In the shortest possible time, "Ximplify" generates a material recommendation and suggests the best options for implementing their project.