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Complement your Nexa3D® XiP

The build volume and process requirements for the Nexa3D® XiP are increased by the Wash+Cure.

Marc-Oliver Heißler Account Manager

The Wash+Cure has been specially developed for cleaning and post-curing items printed with the Nexa3D® XiP printer. An automated post-processing solution that does it all. The Wash+Cure is a modular system that can either wash or cure depending on what is placed on the core piece.Run the wash cycle after placing the parts in the wash tank with IPA or Nexa3D® xCLEAN. Then remove the wash tank, place your part on the turntable, lower the LED arm and cover it with the reflective cover to post cure.


2-in-1 post-processing station

Nexa3D® Wash+Cure is a modular post-processing solution that supports the Nexa3D® XiP to wash and cure its prints.

Decent size of the wash bucket

The Nexa3D® Wash+Cure comes with an 8.5 liter wash bucket with a sealed lid and a basket to hold the XiP build platform or loose parts.

Advanced washing technology

The Nexa3D® Wash+Cure's magnetic stirrers enable reliable cleaning with isopropanol or xClean, a solvent for washing parts with a higher flash point and three times the capacity of IPA.

Powerful curing technology

To ensure consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance, the Wash+Cure features a tower of powerful 405nm LEDs with a rotating base and internal reflectors in the hood for added curing power.