PartPro350 xBC

3D printer

XYZprinting PartPro350 xBC

The XYZprinting PartPro350 xBC enables the production of multi-color objects in one process.

Powder is cured in the printer and colored at the same time. 3D stacking takes place with CMY inks and a transparent binder.

Data sheet XYZprinting PartPro350 xBC


XYZ EeezClean Pro Depowdering Station

XYZPrinting XYZ EeezClean Pro Depowdering Station

After printing your parts on the XYZprinting PartPro350 xBC, use the XYZprinting EeezClean Pro to de-powder your parts and recycle used powder.



XYZprinting XYZprint AM 3DP

With two modes of operation, XYZprint AM 3DP can effectively prepare build jobs for the PartPro350 xBC.

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