3D printer

Sinterit Lisa

With the Sinterit Lisa compact 3D printing machine, you can fully realize the potential of selective laser sintering in your workshop.

The Lisa system makes it easy to create entire assemblies, including hinges, mechanical linkages, springs, and minute details from a 3D CAD design. Design freedom without support structures allows for a thorough rethinking of prototypes, micro and small batches (as is necessary with other 3D printing processes).

Data sheet Sinterit Lisa


Powder Sieve

Sinterit Powder Sieve

The automatic Powder Sieve is required to prepare your used powder for complete recycling. Since agglomerates are formed during the sintering process in the Part Cake, the sieve is essential for uniform powder quality.

Data sheet Sinterit Powder Sieve



Sinterit Sandblaster

Sinterit's compact sandblaster is suitable for simple surface finishing of components manufactured by selective laser sintering.

The small machine is suitable as an entry-level unit for the post-processing of small components and fits on a workbench or desk.

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Sinterit Studio Basic

The software contains all functions required for printing with regular Sinterit powders (PA12 Smooth, Flexa Grey).

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Sinterit Studio Advanced

Sinterit Studio Advanced allows you to create your own profiles for third-party materials and experiment with the print settings.

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